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HDD Tooling & Parts

We carry a wide variety of tooling to fit almost any drill

Melfred Borzall

Melfred Borzall has over 71 years of experience in the HDD tooling business, continuing to keep innovation and quality at the forefront of their operations.

We carry a wide variety of tooling to fit almost any Drill from 5,000lb - 100,000lb pullback. Better Materials, Better Fabrication and Better Support, that’s what sets Borzall ahead of the competition.

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Transmitter Housings

Durability is an understatement when it comes to Melfred Borzall housings. We carry several configurations to match both your drill and ground conditions. Housings are available for both DigiTrak and Subsite transmitters.

Melfred Borzall housings

Pit Bull Housing and Bits

Designed for tough rocky conditions, this patented design keeps your bit from shearing. The system also helps keep your bolts from rattling loose.

Pit bull housing and bits
Fastback System

Fastback System

Exclusive to Melfred Borzall the FASTBACK system is designed to get in and out of jobs quickly. Our system allows the customer to ream up to 12” without removing the bit. Ideal in tight areas where installing a reamer would be difficult and time consuming.


We believe in the term “you get what you pay for” when it comes to reamers. They stand up to the toughest conditions and outshine the competition on wear resistance. No matter the soil type we have the reamers to get you back and on to the next job.


Bolt and Thread-on Bits

No matter the soil type, we have the bit to tackle the job. Built to withstand the hardest conditions, these bits are manufactured to give our customers improved quality and wear resistance. Ask about our Red Diamond Bit or our Patent-pending Pit Bull bits, which increase productivity and reduce your chances of down-hole shear-off. Rock or Cobble? Not an issue with our thread on Iron Fist and Eagle Claw bits. Solid Rock? We offer Mud Motor options and Tri-cone bits. Ask about our Rent-it, Rock-it, Return-it, rental program. Melfred Borzall doesn’t cut corners and that helps you save time and money.

Bolt and Thread-on Bits
Pit Bull bits
Red Diamond Bit
Pit Bull bits

Starter Rods

No matter the connection, we carry most of the popular Quick & Ez-Connect options for your drill no matter the brand.  We also offer high quality collars and deluxe rods with check-valves to reduce nozzle clogging.

HDD Parts

Sub Savers and Drive Chucks

High quality, CNC-machined Sub-Savers & Drive Chucks are built to maximize the life of your pipe thread. 

Sub savers
Sub Savers and Drive Chucks


No matter the tooling, we can get almost any adapter made to get you connected.  The countless combinations can be frustrating, so give us a call and we’ll do our best to find you the right fit.

Pic 16 - Adapter.png

DCD Pulling Products

Product is expensive, so when it’s time to pull-back make sure you’re using the best on the market.  We carry everything from Swivels, Duct Pullers, Grips, Shackles and Slings just to name a few.

DCD Pulling Products
DCD Pulling Products

Thread Lube/Rod Wipers

Keep your threads protected. We carry Auntie C’s premium thread compound, environmentally friendly compound and Arctic Grade for all conditions and applications. We carry all pail options to fit small and large drills. We also carry rod wipers for any size of drill pipe.

Auntie C’s thread lube
Rod wipers